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Greek Restaurants Barrie - Vegetables, olive oil, spices or herbs and beef are major elements employed in Greek cooking. Over time, Greece has managed to incorporate techniques from numerous places like Italy, Turkey and the Balkans when it comes to cooking traditions. Several popular elements include aubergine, filo pastry, cheese, olives and yogurt. Conventional meat options include fish, rabbit, poultry and pork.

A collection of little dishes typically served with anise-flavored liqueurs as ouzo or homemade tsipouro, is referred to as Mezes. In many regions pita bread is served with the delicious tzatziki dip, while other regions serve tzatziki with dry bread softened in water. Orektika is the appropriate term for appetizers, and is often a reference to eating a first course of a cuisine other than Greek. Many Greek desserts are notable by their major use of honey and nuts, like Baklava for instance.


A fascinating detail is that several dishes could be traced back to ancient times. One specific dish that has survived the Byzantine era is paximadi, a recipe created of hard bread, barley, corn, feta cheese, rye and cure fish roe. Dehydrated sausage made of pork, known as loukaniko dates back from the Hellenistic times, while pasteli, lentil soup, retsina wine and fasolada originate straight from medieval Greece. On the other hand, certain nutritional staples of history are no longer enjoyed like mixing brine into wine beverages and using porridge as the primary staple with fish gravy.

Numerous dishes became popular during the Ottoman Empire and their names reveal Persian, Arabic, and Turkish origins. Examples of these names consist of yuvarlakia, boureki, moussaka, tzatziki and keftethes. Some dishes may even be pre-Ottoman, only using Turkish names later on, while various other recipes grew to become part of the Greek vocabulary in earlier contact with the Persians and Arabs. Some researchers speculate that dolmathes, a grape-leaf dish, was created by the early Byzantians.

Common dishes

Greek regions have many different cooking traditions along with a few universal ones. Since Greek cuisine is very diverse depending on the location, it is hard to present a list of representative dishes. Numerous food products are wrapped in Filo pastry, either in substantial sheets or in small size triangles: chortpita, a meal with vegetables, kotopita, a poultry pastry, spanakopita, which is a spinach as well as cheese dish and a minced meat pie called kreatopita are illustrations of popular Greek food.

In Western Crete for instance, the most common recipe is Chaniotiko Boureki, a vegetarian dish made of baked potato, mint, myzithra cheese and zucchini can be found in the region of Chania. Despite the fact that a family group in this area might appreciate this dish several times a week in the summer, it isn't prepared in virtually any other district of Greece.

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